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Seaboost boat hull cleaning tools are effective against all kind of fouling as barnacles, seaweed and algae. Powerbrush in water brushes, are suitable for all kind of boats and yachts, with a beam under 4 m. Powerturf is optimal for motorboats with V-shaped hulls. Both Powerbrush and Powerturf has been tested with brilliant test results by several leading Nordic boating magazines. Dock is a maintaining tool for bottoms, that can be used both for cleaning and renovation. Seaboost products are made of best components available as sea grade aluminum and A4 stainless steel parts.

Now Powerbrush is also available in a PRO version, where material thicknesses and brushing power have been taken to a new level. As a result, the PRO is even more powerful and comfortable to use.

With Seaboost you can enjoy cleaner, greener and faster boating and save fuel.

  • Seaboost Powerbrush Dock is best way to clean boat hull ashore and an ultimate tool for renovating old paint layers. Dock comes with a very coarse Original brush and a nylon Scraper that effectively removes barnacles.

    Powerbrush Dock

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