SeaBoost RENT

Now you can rent a Powerturf on a turnkey basis for a year in selected locations. The rent includes everything including installation and orientation. If you prefer you can also rent a Powerturf  in Finland and take care of assembling and freight.

A clean boat bottom is one of the most important factors contributing to the handling, performance and economy of a boat. The Powerturf is an effective way to keep the bottom clean. The method is based on mechanical brushing and is therefore also an environmentally sound one. Now you can launch a boat without antifouling when it best suits you and enjoy a clean bottom throughout the boating season.

Seaboost Oy provides rental services as a concept also for dealers and marinas interested in rentals on their locations. The service is easily included in a service package while protecting surroundings from unnecessary environmental burdens.

Is SeaBoost RENT suitable for me?

The Seaboost Powerturf is suited for V-bottom motorboats with a maximum beam of 2.5m. Renting a Powerturf is a good and really carefree alternative when you want effective antifouling on a turnkey basis. The service requires keeping your boat on a floating pier with booms on either side of the boat. The rental service also requires a sufficiently sheltered mooring place since the Powerturf will be there during the winter too. The lessor will always ultimately evaluate the circumstances of the mooring place and their suitability for the rental service – another thing you do not need to worry about.

Read also the rental conditions attached.

For more information on the rental service:

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