The floating Powerturf is a boat hull cleaner device that keeps the boat’s bottom clean mechanically without antifouling paints containing biocides. When landing, the boat is driven on the turf. Its friction-based action brushes the bottom clean when the boat moves on it. Winds, waves and currents also move the boat on the Powerturf so the bottom will stay clean even when the boat is not in use. Suited for V-hulled motor boats in with an outboard motor or with a sterndrive. You can use Powerturf in relatively sheltered harbors and it´s preferable to attach it to booms or poles.

The unique multilayer structure with aluminum frames and A4 grade stainless steel fastening parts, is both flexible, stiff and robust. Powerturf brushes of fouling and even fresh barnacle, in case your boat has not been on the turf for a while.

Powerturf has unique floating power created by in average 15 mm cellular plastic, that keeps the pressure even at the stern and means you don’t have to clean the bottom of the cover to get a sufficient buoyance throughout the boating season. The robust construction also allows Powerturf to spend the winter in ice, if it´s attached to a floating pier with booms.

The Powerturf and other mechanical methods for hull cleaning like the Powerbrush are alternatives for the environmentally hazardous antifouling paints containing biocides used on boat bottoms.

Seaboost Oy invites everybody out there moving on water to find out for themselves just how effective and cost-friendly it can be to clean a boat’s bottom mechanically. Also check Seaboost Overdrive that separately is developed for mechanical antifouling methods.

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Proven antifouling performance by several tests


The final rapport of the 2014 Powerturf use test in the 11/2014 issue of Kippari, the leading Finnish motorboat magazine, confirms what we knew already. In spite of a warm summer favorable for all sorts of growth, the bottom of the test boat remained totally clean and free both from barnacles and growth. At the end of the boating season, the top speed and the top RPM number remained exactly the same as in its beginning.


This Powerturf served 2014 in Kippari magazines test and is ready for the fift season after spending four winters in the ice.

Harjasmatto kevätjäässä 2015

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