The key to performance

A clean surface with low friction on the boat bottom is the key to your boat’s performance. Seaboost Overdrive is a new generation of biocide free antifouling paint. Overdrive is transparent, hydrophobic (water repellent) and hydrophilic (water absorbing). This results in a unique amphiphilic antifouling coating, which is also hard and durable.

Overdrive Benefits:

  • low friction gives performance
  • It is difficult for the organism to attach to the surface
  • easy to clean
  • self-clean while driving
  • hard and resistant for mechanical cleaning like boat-washing machines and brushes
  • protects against moisture and corrosion
  • 100% biocide free ECO product.
  • a long service interval up to 6 years

You can add on your antifouling e.g. by brushing and in boat boat-washing machines during the season without damaging the surface. This also means that no substances as biocides or micro-plastics comes out in the sea while cleaning you boat. The characteristics of the paint also do not suffer when the boat stands on land, as opposed to many other bottom paints.

You can enjoy your boat’s performance throughout the season and stop painting with hazardous biocides on a yearly basis. Antifouling paints based on biocides are very destructive to nature because they pollute our water with biocides like copper and zinc. The function of these paints is largely based on the friction that causes erosion of both biocides and micro-plastics. In fact, they are one of the biggest sources of microplastics that come out in our waters.

Overdrive was an object 2013 when the German Ministry of the Environment financed a comprehensive study where the function of various surfaces and safety in combination with brush washing was investigated. Overdrive was the only surface that gave a good wash result and tolerated a total of 40 times in a boat-washing machine without damaging the surface.

Overdrive is approved by the Nordic region’s leading boat washers (BoatWasher Sweden and RentUnder / Drive in Boat Wash). Alutrack and Sonic Shield also recommend using Overdrive with their products. Overdrive is, of course, an ideal surface when using Seaboost Powerturf and Powerbrush.

You can order your new boat painted with Overdrive from many Nordic dealers and even some boat factories. For example, Viggo Boats that are known for both performance and quality, offer Overdrive directly from the factory.

Painting with biocide free products can also be a good investment as there are already boat clubs, boat washers and areas where you cannot use antifouling paints with biocides. This trend and the ongoing phasing out of biocides will continue in the next few years, with the EU’s Recommendation on total prohibition in 2030 in the horizon.

Boatwasher Fisksätra båtbottentvätt (1)

“Happy to have sailed all summer (four and a half months) with 100% toxic free coating. Been testing to brush from time to time and I must say it is a great coating. Check out how easy it is to clean the hull (filmed on October 15, 2018 in Stockholm archipelago). And the best part…I don’t need to paint it again for 5-6 seasons according to SeaBoost. Will see about that, but anyway, this is a very promising start. Simply feels good to know it is good for the oceans….”

Björn Bertoft / 100%sunwindwater

Leif Rosas / REDRIB Experience safaris chose Seaboost Overdrive and was surprised.