The Seaboost Basketbuoy is a floating buoy device which brings all the comfort of a big pier to any natural harbor and to any type of pier. Landing is easy and safe especially under windy weather because you can forget all about reaching for a buoy and straightening the lines not to mention those speedy and dangerous leaps on slippery rocks.

The floating structure and its underwater section reduce effectively the movement caused by the waves and thus save the boat from unnecessary strain. When assembled, a Basketbuoy only weighs about 85kg so it is relatively easily to handle and lift.

Finlands leading motorboat magazine tested Seaboost Basketbuoy and praised its user-friendliness and safety when landing. For this reason, Basketbuoy is perfect for seniors and for boaters who enjoy comfort. Basketbuoy is easy to lift up from the water before winter storms and ice arrive if needed.

Patent pending.

All the comfort of a big pier in every natural harbor and in every type of pier.