Happy to have sailed all summer with 100% toxic free coating

“Happy to have sailed all summer (four and a half months) with 100% toxic free coating. Been testing to brush from time to time and I must say it is a great coating. Check out how easy it is to clean the hull (filmed on October 15, 2018 in Stockholm archipelago). And the best part…I don’t need to paint it again for 5-6 seasons according to SeaBoost. Will see about that, but anyway, this is a very promising start. Simply feels good to know it is good for the oceans….”

Björn Bertoft / 100%sunwindwater


My boat, a Ryds 480 Twin, is located in the Baltic Sea in a bay called Snäckviken.

I have had Seaboost Powerturf for one season now and am surprised at how well it protects against barnacles. When I picked up the boat and the turf this autumn, there were only a few barnacles on the boat bottom even though the bottom was painted with a paint without biocides. The bottom of the turf was covered with barnacles, but they were easy to remove.

The only problem I’ve experienced with the carpet was to lay it out and attach it so that it worked well. I had to adjust the fixing a few times. This year, I’m going to use the ice to lay out and fasten the carpet.

Lars Dennemo

Thank´s Lars, great tips to attach Powerturfen on the ice, especially for marinas who install more carpets for customers.


Test with Seaboost Overdrive at Grödinge Boat Club

Jan Govelan has studied the subject of biocid free anti-fouling and holds environmental evenings for boat clubs on the subject. During 2017 he tested Seaboost Overdrive painted on a plastic sheet that forms an overall light almost white surface. As a reference surface, he used a plate with black epoxy paint.

Result: You clearly see strong fouling with barnacles on the black plate. On the Seaboost-plate there was a thin film of algae, that was very easy to wipe off, but no barnacles. Jan highlights that it is known that barnacle larvae like dark shaded areas in the first place, and therefore prefer dark colors.

The test shows that you can influence on how much it grows on boat hulls and how easy they are to keep clean without biocides, by choosing the right surface and a light color.

It looks very promising with Seaboost Overdrive.

Jan Govelan


“the part laying on Powerturf was completely clean”

MarinePro tests Seaboost Powerturf in Norway during season 2017 in project aiming at a cleaner Oslofjorden, by letting 2/3 parts of the boat lie on the turf and 1/3 outside, to compare results with and without. The part laying on Powerturf was completely clean, even though the heavy fouling in this area is challenging.

Trond Stenslet / Marine Pro As


“I highly recommend Seaboost Overdrive”

In spring 2017 I painted my boat with Seaboost Overdrive.

I have a Buster Cabin with a 150 hp engine. The boat is part of the at a Alutrack boat dock. With overdrive coating and normal load, I now reach 20 knots at 3900 RPM. To reach this speed i previously needed 4250 RPM. The bottom of the boat is also very easy to keep clean and the dirt comes of the coating by wiping lightly.

I highly recommend Seaboost Overdrive.

Kari Sarkkinen / Alutrack Oy


Three points proves to me, that Seaboost Overdrive works better than a waxed gelcoat surface:

  1. two knots higher top speed than ever before
  2. better fuel economy
  3. the boat feels lighter and is planning earlier

The boat’s own meters are indicative, but this is enough for me – a super surface!

Leif Rosas / Redrib Experiencce


“The speed with 115 hp is now almost 5 knots higher”

I was a bit “hesitant” when I bought my Seaboost Powerturf at Helsinki boat show 2016. I have a 5700 Finnaster in my boat shed in Houtskär archipelago. During the summer, I noticed how the top speed of my boat rose after the remains of old base plates from barnacles were worn away from the bottom. In mid-June I was really surprised when I lifted the boat for monitoring. There were no leftovers of old barnacles and the old uneven paint surface was polished to a shiny surface. The speed with 115 hp is now almost 5 knots higher. I recommend the Seaboost turf to all boaters without reservation. The attached picture shows how the surface of the base paint was polished at the end of November 2016 when I lifted the boat.

Kari Laihonen


” brushing works much better than painting with antifouling-paint containing biocides”

I have used Seaboost Powerbrush now one summer. I also stopped painting  my Silver Eagle Cabin with biocide containing antifouling paint. Previous summers, when I used biocides for antifouling the boat began to consume significantly more fuel already in late August due to hevy fouling and by the end of the autumn the consumption was 1.5 to 1.6 times higher. Last summer I cleaned the bottom of my boat 4 times from the dock with Powerbrush (first time one week after Midsummer). I could not track any significant increase in consumption during the whole season. Before the last ride I drowe through thin ice, so the bottom was completely clean and therefore I could not see the bottom just after brushing. However, brushing worked much better than painting with biocides and I’m no longer going to paint the bottom at all.

The brush is easy to use and the lift is suitable for the base as long as it leaves the entire canister filled with air and does not put any water in at all. The only small “fault” has been the loosening of the wing nuts. I did not notice it until one nut dropped to in the sea. Since then I have always tightened them after brushing.

All in all, I am very pleased with the brush, and it has already the first summer paid for itself many times over. My dad is also going to start brushingg and one of my friend tested the brush last summer and desided to buy one for himself.

Thanks for a superb product!

Antti Mansner

PS. This feedback led directly to the improvement where underneath the wing nuts is added a springbrick to prevent their loosening.


”landing is much easier”

I have used Seaboost Powerturf for two years with a pleasant experience. My boat is in Pargas archipelago, and the hull has been totally clean, during both boating seasons. It´s convenient to drive on the turf and it´s much easier to go ashore in windy conditions.

Juha Kääriä


”it was actually the first time the boat’s top speed exceeded 34 knots”

I bought my Powerbrush last season and it worked really well! In October, the boat’s top speed was the same as in the spring when the bottom was completely clean.

It was actually the first time, the boat’s top speed exceeded 34 knots according to the GPS during the 10 years I had it (Silver Hawk + Mercury 80). A few tenths more or less Is without practical significance, but it proves that the bottom was very clean in October after being in the sea since April.

The only remark I have is that the waterline brush is clumsy to use when the center of gravity is at the other end. But you seem to have fixed it in this year’s version where the rod can be disassembled.

Christian Schubert