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To change things, one must move from words to deeds. This is not always too pleasant since deeds often involve sacrifices such as expenses or work or giving up things. One’s own deeds have, however, the strongest impact on others’ attitudes and conduct as well.

Thanks to SeaBoost, you can protect the environment without personal sacrifices. By switching to mechanical cleaning of the boat’s bottom and by giving up coating the bottom with antifouling paints containing biocides you support a change and contribute to the well-being of the Baltic Sea. Read more at

As a company, we try to acknowledge environmental matters in everything we do. The day we went into business we signed the Baltic Sea Challenge and set up the plan of action below. This is how we want to do our part and invite others to think what they can do for the Baltic Sea.

Read more on the Baltic Sea Challenge at where you can find out about many others who have taken up the challenge with various measures and whose websites provide much useful information. Check out also the Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association’s website for instance – it includes an extensive package of environmental information for boaters.


Our company is launching an entirely new kind of protected design for a carefree and competitive mechanical solutions to keep boat bottoms clean. The boaters in the target group can forgo antifouling paints with biocides altogether while enjoying high-performance boating throughout the season.

Our activities aim at the following improvements on the Baltic Sea area:

• We propose mechanical boat bottom cleaning as a real alternative for antifouling paints in the Baltic Sea area.

• We will draw boaters’ attention to the problems related to the use of antifouling paints as well as to washing and sanding boats near our shores.

• We will highlight environmental impacts due to insufficient attention to the cleanness of a boat’s bottom.

• We challenge all those moving on water to switch to mechanical boat-bottom cleaning and to set an example for a wide-scale real change.

SeaBoost Oy

Christian Feodoroff

The jury of experts from the Baltic Sea Project ( chose Seaboost mechanical antifouling as their favourite in 2015 among almost a hundred competing projects.