” brushing works much better than painting with antifouling-paint containing biocides”

Antti Mansner

“The speed with 115 hp is now almost 5 knots higher”

Kari Laihonen

”it was actually the first time the boat’s top speed exceeded 34 knots”

Christian Schubert

“there points proves to me, that Seaboost Overdrive works better than a waxed gelcoat surface”

Leif Rosas / Redrib Experience

” landing is much easier”

Juha Kääriä

Proven Performance!

Finlands leading motorboat magazine Kippari tested Seaboost Powerurf during the boating season 2014. In the end of October the hull was totally clean from barnacles and growth. On top of this they could not track any loss of speed during the whole season.

Now Finlands leading boating magazine VENE have tested Powerbrush with results that left no room for any ifs and buts.

The jury of experts from the Baltic Sea Project chose Seaboost mechanical antifouling as their favourite among almost a hundred competing projects.


Antifouling and hull friction are among the most crucial factors affecting the boat’s performance, driving characteristics and fuel economy.

A clean and effective boat bottom is our passion, and the reason for our ongoing product development, that created Seaboost Powerturf and Powerbrush. These hull cleaner devices are good examples of nontoxic antifouling methods that have been tested in several contexts with brilliant test results.

In 2016 Seaboost was the jury’s favorite of a total of almost 100 environmental projects that competed for the Baltic Sea project’s support. The reason is that the biocides used in antifouling paints are a serious and permanent environmental problem for marine life. A Swedish survey also shows that antifouling paints are one of the worst sources of microplastics that come into our waters.

If you need more reasons to switch to biocide free antifouling, look at user experiences of Seaboost Overdrive. It’s a 100% non-biocidal anti fouling paint that has been developed for boaters that use mechanical antifouling like Seaboost methods and brush washing machines. Overdrive forms a tough surface that rejects water and organisms. Overdrive also has a minimal friction, in opposite to biocide antifouling paints, that partly functions by friction which creates erosion. With Seaboost products, you can go green and get better performance for you boat.


With the SeaBoost Powerturf you can protect the environment without personal sacrifices.